Rakesh Kurian

Rakesh Kurian is the founder and CEO of Crosspay, a fintech payment institution based out of London, United Kingdom. He is an ordained Christian minister and one the founding pastors of Capstone Church an established, growing, and influential church in London, England.


Here’s the story of what has happened in my life, and my walk with the Lord. I was born in a Christian orthodox family based out of Calicut, India. I went to boarding schools in Ooty and Bangalore and then did my degree in Loyola, Chennai and my MBA from the Madras University. Playing cricket brought me great happiness and that is how I spent most of my childhood. Captain of the Kerala state cricket team, playing for South Zone in both under 15 and under 17 categories along with players like Rahul Dravid. Cricket was my initial passion and my world revolved around it.

However happy cricket made me, it was not the solution to the challenges I was about to face in my life. Somewhere along the line, I started having a plethora of sicknesses and accident after accident which brought me to a very bad place, needing to drink every night in order to just get to sleep. I searched wherever I could for the truth because I wanted to come out of this dark state by any means necessary. At the age of 25 I had had enough, I was in such a miserable place that I didn’t know how to live any longer, I was on the verge of even committing suicide.

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